Intelligent Engineering Solutions

Is digital and AI-driven engineering empowering your engineering practice? We drive transformation through accessible digital and AI solutions for enhanced engineering and asset integrity management.

About Us

digitAiS is a Perth based start-up founded in 2023 to transform the practice of asset integrity management (IM) using disruptive digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI).

We provide innovative AI-based and data-driven solutions for structural health monitoring, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and informed decision-making.

We focus on the needs of our clients and strongly believe in continuous improvement through R&D ensuring that our clients receive solutions that reduce costs, optimise resource allocation, and increase safety.

We work with our clients in energy, resources, and infrastructure sectors to improve their knowledge of novel digital engineering solutions to drive sustainable implementation of intelligent asset integrity management with the ultimate objective of improving environmental sustainability.

Our Vision

To innovate and inspire through transformative technology.

Our mission

Empowering clients through AI-driven engineering excellence, fostering efficiency, sustainability, and transformational value.




Our Values


Building meaningful relationships by acting with integrity, honesty with accountability

Independent Thinking

Having the courage to challenge the status quo

Intense Curiosity

Having the desire to learn continuously, enhance our knowledge and explore unknowns

Client Outcome Focused

Taking the time to understand the needs of our clients to deliver customized solutions

Our Team

Our purpose-driven engineers and data scientists offer a diverse range of technical expertise covering advanced data analytics, AI-based solutions, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, risk-based solutions and asset integrity engineering.

We take pride in caring for one another, caring for our clients and having a growth mindset. We have the capability to continuously improve and innovate to add value across asset integrity management and structural health monitoring activities.

What We Do

Intelligent Engineering Solutions:

Asset integrity management solutions

We use IoT (Internet of Things) and AI technologies to deliver smarter solutions which increase asset reliability and safety, reduce maintenance costs and enable asset life extension.


We use innovative digital solutions to optimising resource allocation and logistics, across a variety of industries such as energy, mining and infrastructure.


We invest in R&D to continuously provide innovative solutions to challenging problems.


We offer a range of training services in advanced engineering, computer programming, machine learning, deep learning and other digital skills.

Our Services include:

Advanced Data Analytics
Bayesian Structural Reliability Analysis
Quantified Risk-Based Inspection
Condition & Structural Health Monitoring
Environmental Systems Monitoring
Our Products

Ai-IFM is an AI-based platform for intelligent fatigue management of dynamic structures.

Why you need Ai-IFM:

  • Capability to store large data sets from assets
  • Integrates monitoring data with engineering evaluations
  • Reduces manual data and document handling
  • Facilitates informed decision making
Our Projects


Renewable Energy


Condition monitoring of subsea power cables


Developing a framework for using signals from a fibre optic based Data Acquisition System to predict the magnitude of power cable responses and rank the relative risk of cable integrity.


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